Betting is a Business – Gambling is For Idiots!


My question to you today is how much profit are you really making from gambling? (And please be brutally honest with yourself when answering that question!)

I hope you are winning! If you are doing well then you are surely the most people for the goal, but even if you are a rare winning gambler, are you making as much as you can? However if you are not a winner then you are not alone. In fact you’re a very good company, as an amazing 98% of gamblers lose money long term agen poker online.

So assuming you are not winning, do you know why?

Well I’m going to hazard a guess what the reasons are;

a) Betting the wrong types of races,

b) Blindly backing favors (especially odds on shots)

c) No sense of money management,

d) Undisciplined approach

e) Chasing losses

f) Maintaining a ‘gamblers mentality’.

However if 98% of people are losing money it stands to reason that 2% must be winning, so who are these elite 2% and what is it that they do differently?

Well the elite 2% are professionals and semi-professionals like me and we approach betting a business. The Betting Industry’s Call to Us ‘Professional Gamblers’ But lets just make one thing absolutely clear here, one thing we are not sure about is this: the sake or the thrill of it. We bet for one reason and one reason alone – TO MAKE A PROFIT!

I’ve said this many times before and I’m going to say it again – ‘Betting is a business and gambling for idiots’ – So let me try and explain the difference between betting and gambling.

As I have already stated I am a professional and as such I am the only reason for business betting – to secure slow and steady long term profitability. Boring and Mundane, a psychological point of view is the result of just one race becoming almost irrelevant to me, as in the long term I know I will make a profit from my betting strategies.

The business of running the point is to make a profit and to achieve this result I need the following three elements in my favor:

a) A betting bank,

b) A staking plan

c) A betting strategy which will deliver profits over the long term.

The betting bank needs to be big enough relative to my share size to stand up to the inevitable losses. It is also important that psychologically the betting stakes are well within my betting comfort zone, meaning that my pulse is never before or after a bet.

You have to stop the betting and you have to go straight to the gambling, something that has gone wrong with your strategy and you have to be uncomfortable with the size of your stake or the lost confidence in your choice betting strategy The inevitable result of this will be a breakdown of discipline and a desire to start chasing your losses, which is something I NEVER do. When I have a poor day, my attitude is always the same ‘cest la vie’, there will always be another day.

I have many different and varied betting strategies within my betting portfolio but for the purposes of this exercise let me use my ‘Hughie’ Place Betting Strategy as an example of the above philosophy of action.

‘Hughie’ Place Betting Strategy

Here are the Hughie results for the six months to 01 June 2009. (I could use any 6 month period over the past 9 years, in fact some previous half yearly figures would show higher profits. points I am trying to make.

The results are based on a betting bank of £ 400 and the stakes being used as follows: £ 2, £ 4, £ 8 and £ 12

Oct 1 + 77.63

Nov 1 +129.90

Dec 1 + 14.34

Jan 1 +179.83

Feb 1 +116.37

Mar 1 +169.58

Apr 1 – 3.62

May 1 + 13.81

Jun 1 + 77.78

The first thing you will notice is the relatively small and ‘boring’ size of the stakes I am using in relation to the size of the betting bank. By taking a small percentage of the ‘Hughies’ on the betting bank, all the stress is gone instantly, as the bank is never in any danger of going bust and the size of the stake is always well within my betting comfort zone. Some of my members bet the ‘Hughies’ are too big stakes, however if the stakes are doubled or trebled then the bank should.

As you can see, you can comfortably follow this particular betting strategy and find out how to win, lose or draw over a long term period of say 6 months. A place for a particular horse hungry, and you will be sure that the strategy works and one or two horses will not be placing. A long term profit to deliver strategy.

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